Avalanche Air Bag Resources

Gulmarg Avalanche Center Recommends adding an Avalanche Airbag or Avalung to your essential safety equipment (Avalanche beacon, shovel and probe).

The reports are in, avalanche airbags have contributed to increased survival rates in avalanche accidents.  However, traveling internationally with an airbag can be difficult.

Here are some tips which help getting your airbag through airport security.

  1. Declare your Airbag.  Arrive at the airport with your documents including manufacturer specifications detailing your airbag system.  You may need to separate some components of your airbag system for checked luggage.
  2. If possible, travel with gas containers empty.  Not all manufacturers of airbags have tanks which can be emptied for travel.  If yours does, in most cases this eliminates much of the transport hazard and potential hangup.

Airbag tank refill resources in Gulmarg:


Please contact us if you have information on additional avalanche airbag resources in Gulmarg.  We’ll happily post it here.



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